Drill Chuck

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Product Performance: Three stands of the product are made by high quality material of chrome steel. The product itself, appearance, nut and pull wheel is precisely made by the high quality steet. With then advanced technology of whole quenching process, the backward of thrn chuck is processed with high accuracy. The product is very strong, resistant and precise with the function of holding capacity, strong whack-resistance and high accuracy. At the same time, the design of the product appearance is very beautiful.
Application Range: Specially applied in process of heavy_duty tasks, also can be used in industries at high frequency. Often used in drilling tools such as lathe, milling machine, grinding machine and wood machinery. Help you raise the working effiency and reduce the wastage of knife tools.
Accuracy Inspection: The maximum radial skip is less than 0.15mm tested by two rods, which id better than Level A accordingto the mational standard, The product with radial skip less than 0.06mm can be producted by the company.
Technical Specifications: The hardness of drill chuck can reach HRC47-50. The hardness of drill chuck claw, nut can reach HRC48-50. The rear taper is painted for the inspection with drill clamp cone gauge(GB-11855). The contact ratio is over 90%, much higher than the standard of 70%. Torque: With input 50N. M and output 30N. M, the product is better than of national standard of 24N. M input and 14N. M output.

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